Announcement from Çatalköy Municipality Health Unit

Announcement from Çatalköy Municipality Health Unit

Home visits to citizens 60 years old and over, undertaken within the framework of health services have been put on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic to ensure community health. During this suspension period, our unit will contact you via telephone and continue to check on your general health condition and needs. As citizens 60 years old and over are considered to be one of the risk groups, we kindly request that they do not leave their house unless necessary and to not receive any guests during their time indoors.

Please take care to not meet with someone arriving to the country from one of the countries where COVID-19 has been detected in recent times.

In the event of going out, take care not to be in crowded places and carry out disinfection process according to personal hygiene rules as recommended by experts.

You can use alcohol based hand antiseptic where you are not able to access water and soap. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes if you have any suspicion that your hands are not clean.

If you have entered the country from another country where COVID-19 has been detected in recent times, please stay at home for 14 days. Çatalköy Municipality will be ready to assist you if you have any needs.
Please call the helpline of Ministry of Health for assistance if you have observed any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath). We would like to remind you that we can only prevent the virus from spreading if we all apply the measures together.

Ministry of Health COVID-19 Helpline: 1102
Çatalköy Municipality Health Unit Phone: 0548 850 16 46 ( SEVGİ – ÇİLEM)

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